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Bowker Book Analysis System™ (BBAS) is a powerful collection-analysis tool and an essential resource for academic librarians to electronically compare their library’s collection against Resources for College Libraries (RCL). This customizable, self-service analysis tool eliminates tedious manual comparison via customized reports for data cleansing and management, and provides instant identification of the gaps and overlaps in your collection—so you can make better informed selection decisions.

By leveraging the enriched data in, the Bowker Book Analysis System enables the most comprehensive look at your collection because your collection will be compared to all editions and formats of each title.

Introducing the Newly Updated Bowker Book Analysis System

Introducing Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS), the newly updated library collection management tool from ProQuest. This powerful collection-assessment tool eliminates tedious manual comparison via customized reports for data cleansing and management, and compares your library holdings against the comprehensive core bibliography of Resources for College Libraries (RCL). BBAS provides instant identification of the gaps and overlaps in your monograph collection—so you can make better informed selection decisions, while saving time and resources for your library.

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Bowker's Book Analysis System references Resources for College Libraries, the definitive core list for academic libraries. This customizable, self-service analysis tool will eliminate the need for manual comparison and reduce human error associated with one-by-one title look-ups.



While your holdings are being analyzed with Bowker’s Book Analysis System, your data is also being cleansed and standardized.

Identify Gaps

Identify Gaps

Bowker’s Book Analysis System provides further granulation of the gaps and duplicates in your collection by allowing you to drill down within the subject classification system, whether it is Dewey, LC, or RCL Taxonomy. Additional evaluation can be made based on enhanced data limiters such as: awards, review sources, publication year, status, and e-book formats.



Academic libraries use RCL for Accreditation, and BBAS helps weed the catalog for this process.

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Comparison Options

Bowker's Book Analysis System provides your library the opportunity to analyze your collection against Resources for College Libraries. You can upload your entire collection or choose to run an analysis subject by subject.

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Initial Match Report

The initial look at your holdings against Resources for College Libraries gives you an overview of how your collection compares to the top 61 subjects covered by RCL. You can quickly identify the areas in your collection that have the highest match of recommended titles. Percentages, as well as an exact number match, are provided.

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Sub-classification Match

Take a closer look at your collection by drilling down to analyze the sub-classifications covered by RCL. Each of the 58 main subjects expand to reveal interdisciplinary taxonomy and areas of study. This overview allows you to effortlessly identify the subject areas of your collection you might consider enhancing.

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Data Enrichment with Resources for College Libraries (RCL)

Click on a title for a direct link to the full detail screen within which will provide detailed information about the book, including retail price, binding information, audience level, professional reviews, awards and more.

  • Load holdings in either MARC or CSV. You may create multiple lists from subsets of your catalog — such as by subject area, or lists identified for weeding or storage.
  • Your holdings will be matched against RCL by ISBN, LCCN & Title & Author, or Title & Author, or LCCN & Title.
  • When the analysis is complete, you will receive an email inviting you to log-in to Bowker’s Book Analysis System to view or download your reports.

In addition to your core match file, four value-added files will be provided, including:

  • A no-match file
  • A file of the invalid ISBNs in your collection
  • A file with the new 13-Digit ISBN conversion for your submitted files
  • A file on the duplications of multiple formats or editions for same title

All files can be downloaded in CSV format for easy use, further analysis, and incorporation into your ILS.

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