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Makes your institution’s video assets discoverable
Ensures sustainable access to video content
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While video content on the Web is growing, these assets remain inaccessible on college campuses and invisible to the wider world.

As a trusted steward of scholarly work, let us help you to protect, preserve, showcase, and disseminate your institution’s intellectual heritage to enhance teaching and research. We offer scalable solutions that address the volume and complexity of institutional media, the diversity of media formats, rights management, and captioning to help meet accessibility requirements.

  • Content Type: Video and Audio

Making Your Institution’s Video Assets Discoverable

The vast majority of institutional videos are of primary materials that can’t be found elsewhere. These fragile resources need to be preserved and made available...

Valuable Video Content Goes Undiscovered

It’s certainly worth the time and effort to make it discoverable because if it’s not discoverable it’s never going to be accessed...

The Preservation Challenge

Because video is produced on magnetic tape, it erodes over time. And, video tape should be stored in temperature-controlled environments and kept off of metal shelves…

Enhance Discovery and Access

ProQuest’s service offers automated transcription of video content with manual transcription where required. Metadata development leverages the full transcript and multiple ProQuest schema to enhance discoverability. The transcript and metadata are editable and xml files, metadata and video files are made available to allow inclusion in your catalog, discovery services, and institutional repository.

Maximize Library Resources By Outsourcing Time-Intensive Video Metadata Development

Video cataloging and manual transcription editing are very labor intensive processes. By leveraging external resources, academic libraries can quickly convert a larger volume of content and make it discoverable and accessible. Partnering with ProQuest also frees up resources to be applied in areas where similar project management and cataloging skills can be user to achieve greater impact.

Preserve Video Content for Future Generations

Video content in VHS and range of older formats is subject to rapid degradation and deterioration even under optimal storage conditions. Equipment needed to offer access to content is getting harder to find and repair. Effective conversion preserves content that shows what is unique and distinctive about your institution and adds future value for research and teaching.

Control Dissemination or Make Rich Video Content Available to Support Research at Your Institution and Beyond

Rights management capabilities mean that your library will be able to control the extent of dissemination for any video content that is hosted by ProQuest. At the same time, videos, metadata, and files will be made available so that your institution can maximize exposure through additional channels or to offer open access if desired.

Enhance Accessibility

Transcriptions can be displayed in order to ensure that this valuable content is accessible to a wider audience.

Increase Video Use for Teaching by Enhancing Efficiency for Course Development

Simplify course development by making it easier to discover relevant content and utilize time stamps and transcriptions to identify, use, and re-use only the clip needed.

Full Range of Services


Our comprehensive program can be tailored to your needs.

And, you can complete your projects as single- or multi-year initiatives, utilizing available funding systematically.



Well tested and organized, our flexible digitization process also allows for any format, even very obsolete formats.

With 24x7 anywhere access, digitized video assets frees archive storage space and reduces need to manage physical assets.



Our service provides rich data for metadata creation.
Automated and manual transcription ensures accessibility of content, including support for  captioning to meet accessibility requirements. Plus, easier chunking supports reusability.

Metadata Indexing


Take advantage of ProQuest’s extensive subject indexing, controlled vocabularies, and editorial expertise.

Save library time needed for watching the video and indexing to free up resources for other critical efforts.

Our scalable solution supports larger video projects and offers the ability to edit transcripts and metadata via the administrative console plus options for output.

Editorial Tools Player


The administration dashboard provides editorial access to your content.  Update metadata, add notes and provide additional descriptions to improve search and discoverability. Controlling access, uploading new content and tracking progress are also accomplished through the dashboard.

The player integrates a searchable transcript that can be synchronized with the video to allow easier reading and scanning. Metadata can be displayed in either a collapsed or expanded format.

User Trends

Students have a preference for video as the learning medium. Faculty and students expect to have content available anytime, anywhere…

Streaming Videos in Academic Libraries

More than 20% of the libraries that have streaming videos don’t catalog those videos, and treat video as a separate entity…

Video Preservation and Discovery

Enhance dissemination and discoverability of your valued video assets with a full range of services...

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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