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Fast Facts

Web-scale discovery service
Most comprehensive unified index
Relevant, easily refined results
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Summon® increases the value of your library by delivering an unprecedented research experience. More than a single-search box, the service makes your collection more discoverable and provides unique ways for users to connect with librarians. The result is a rich research experience that presents results without bias, increases resource usage, strengthens the library’s role in the research process, and meets user expectations.

Delivering a complete solution at the University of Murcia

The University of Murcia recently transitioned to ProQuest discovery and workflow tools (Summon, 360 Link, Syndetic Solutions, Intota Assessment, and ebrary) to enable a smoother and more comprehensive solution for all researchers.

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Enhancements Power Superior Resource Discovery

Users will receive a superior research experience by discovering resources easier and by using new integrated tools. The most significant improvements result in better known-item searching and includes both Springshare LibChat 2 and EasyBib export options.

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National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) Selects Summon

NSLC is the first institution in China to implement Summon with an API model, to better support the patrons of Chinese Academy of Sciences with an integrated resource discovery platform.

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Delivers the Most Comprehensive Collection Coverage

Your users have the best opportunity to search across your collection because of the largest unified index in the industry. We include more content types, publishers, journals and periodicals than any other service to ensure that we can provide you with the widest coverage possible.

Makes Content More Discoverable and Increases Usage

Your users will have a rich discovery experience with Summon because of the unified index. It’s the only service that is based on the creation of a single record optimized for discovery, bringing together rich metadata and full text from multiple sources to make an item more discoverable.

Presents Relevant Results without Bias

Summon delivers the highly relevant and unbiased results that your users deserve and that you want. The matching and merging of records across vendors and publishers provides this basis for superior relevancy and prevents results from skewing towards any provider or vendor.

Enables Users to Improve Information Literacy and Connect with Librarians

Summon does more than just present search results. You can develop and increase information literacy skills, while also linking users with librarian-recommended resources. You can connect users to suggest subject-matter specialists or directly in touch with librarians.

Offers the Easiest and Most Compelling Search Experience

You want your users to receive the best research experience possible. With Summon, you will receive what you want and what they expect – something that is simple to use, lightning fast, delivers the most relevant results, provides access to your library’s collection, and more.

Increases Usage of Library Resources and the Number of Library Users

Summon succeeds on its initial mission of bringing researchers back to the library. It also succeeds on increasing the use of journal content like no other service – with one study of 24 libraries, across over 9,000 journals, found increases as high as 40%.

A Unified Index of Content

Summon is the only discovery service based on a unified index of content. More than 90 content types, 9,000 publishers, 100,000 journals and periodicals, and 1 billion records are represented in the index. New content sources are added every week and content updated daily.

Unparalleled Customization Capability

Summon is highly customizable. Through the “out of the box” SaaS version, you can bring your institution’s branding and navigation into the discovery environment, modify text, and buttons and labels. Those seeking a fully customized experience can use the full-featured API.

True Web-Scale Discovery

Summon is multi-tiered system architected to span silos of content. All content is searchable at the same time, which produces extremely fast search response times with the highest degree of reliability. It doesn’t rely on older technologies, like federated search.

Superior Search Experience

Users can enter search terms in the basic search box or leverage an advanced search form to perform a query. Beyond that though, Summon offers users an automated query expansion to improve search precision, an autocomplete feature, and post-results search opportunities.

Exceptionally Relevant, Easily Refined Results

The unified results set delivers faster results, superior navigation and faceting, and relevance across your collection. Results can be easily navigated and narrowed by filtering, faceting and sorting. You can also spotlight content and images, include results beyond your collection, and more.

Automated Contextual Research Assistance

Librarians can influence and improve the overall user experience through localized recommendations, automated search guidance and live reference help integrated seamlessly in the Summon discovery environment. Automated topical refinement suggestions can also be embedded in the search results.

Saving and Exporting Results

Users can easily save items from their search results with options to email or print, export citations to bibliographic management software, or format citations for fast, easy cut-and-paste.

Usage Statistics

To understand how your discovery service is being used, the Client Administration tool provides access to usage reports including top search queries, usage breakdown by time of day, number of searches and more.

Community & Support

Summon has a strong user community. You can join listservs, view a Summon wiki, or attend a live user group to optimize your discovery experience, share ideas and provide feedback. Accompanying these user-oriented activities, is the training and support provided by ProQuest.

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