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RapidILL is a dynamic and community-oriented resource sharing system designed for quick and efficient interlibrary loan transactions

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RapidILL, designed by librarians for librarians, streamlines and automates interlibrary loan processes, reduces turnaround time, and cuts costs. As a resource sharing system uniquely built around a community of reciprocal users, RapidILL has an outstanding request fulfillment rate of 95% and an average delivery time of less than 12 hours for digital assets. This is primarily the result of a mutual commitment by every institution in the RapidILL community to 24-hour turnaround times and free-of-charge ILL transactions. The innovative tools, workflows and technology of RapidILL, now part of the Ex Libris family of solutions, make those transactions seamless, transparent and cost-effective for all participating libraries.

Smart request routing

A unique algorithm utilizes load-leveling and incorporates time zone awareness.

Automated processing

The workflow software is designed specifically to meet the needs of interlibrary resource sharing.

Unmatched indexing

The holdings database matches journal requests down to the volume level.

All the essentials

Information specifically needed for rapid borrowing and lending is maintained in the database.

Voluntary exposure

The shared database makes it easy to expose only those resources lenders wish to use for fulfillment, while maintaining a comprehensive record of their locally held collections for borrowing.

Full compatibility

The solution integrates easily with all major interlibrary loan protocols and software packages (including CLIO, ILLiad, RelaisILL, and Tipasa), and provides additional options using ISO and API interactions.

Coherent and consistent

Resource transmission is seamless among libraries using different ILL platforms, with RapidX handling electronic delivery and receipt of journal articles.

Customer service

Industry-leading support and the Ex Libris infrastructure, so every library can maintain the highest.

Support & Training

What can we help you with? The Ex Libris Knowledge Center is an open, comprehensive and fully searchable repository of documentation, FAQs, training resources (videos, PDFs, and presentations), support articles, and more.

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RapidILL Harvard Brochure

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RapidILL Harvard Case Study

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