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Fosters meangful learning and student engagement
Maximizes the use of library collectons
Reduces the risk of copyright infringement

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Leganto for Instructors

Build structured, annotated reading lists that are relevant, updated, easily accessible and interactive, including all types of resources. Collaborate with both peers and library staff to benefit from their experience and expertise. Leverage analytics to gain insights into the materials students use and visibility into other course readings.

Leganto for Librarians

Strengthen the library’s involvement in, and contribution to, teaching and learning. Leganto enables librarians to support instructors in developing reading lists that make the best use of library collections, monitor materials added, provide course materials more efficiently, and better manage copyright clearance. Analyze resource usage to maximize the impact of library collections and strengthen the library’s contribution to learning.

Leganto for Students

Enjoy easy access to all course materials on any device, through a single, intuitive user interface, seamlessly integrated with the course management system. Collaborate with peers and share views, discover new material, and create a personal repository of resources.

Reading List Enrichment

Instructors can improve reading lists by leveraging student feedback, usage analysis, and automated or library-initiated recommendations of related content.

Easy Reading List Creation

Leganto provides instructors with streamlined workflows for creating structured reading lists comprising all types of materials. It enables keeping lists up to date, storing them as persistent objects, and attaching them to specific courses.

Actionable Insights Through Analytics and Reports

By leveraging analytics and reports, instructors gain insight into the materials that students use, and can adjust course content accordingly.

Integration with the Institutional Environment

Leganto integrates tightly with Alma and Primo, as well as with course management systems, authentication systems, and a variety of other services.

Intuitive User Experience

Leganto offers the same modern look and feel, and user-friendly experience, on all devices - computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Personal Citation Repository

Leganto enables all users to add citations directly to a personal citation repository. The citations can be added from discovery systems, scholarly sources, publishers’ sites, online bookstores, and other websites.

Reduced Risk of Copyright Infringement

With Leganto, librarians can provide a link to the appropriate copy of an item, verify that copyrights are not being infringed, and quickly handle copyright clearance when necessary.

Robust Cloud Solution

Leganto provides a proven robust, scalable cloud infrastructure that complies with the most up-to-date standards of security and high availability.

Support & Training

What can we help you with? The Ex Libris Knowledge Center is an open, comprehensive and fully searchable repository of documentation, FAQs, training resources (videos, PDFs, and presentations), support articles, and more.

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