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Manage lifecycle of e-resources
Streamline workflows
Enhance decision making
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360 Resource Manager is a complete solution for reducing the time and effort required to manage the entire lifecycle of e-resources. This ERM offers a full set of features to control complex subscription management issues, from tracking license terms of use to managing renewal dates, while helping to improve communications, streamline workflows, and make more informed decisions. Integrated with an authoritative knowledgebase, this solution can be used by a single library or by a consortium.

Library Usage Increases at St. Clair County Community College

St. Clair County Community College has transformed their library with the help of ProQuest. The management and discovery services provide the library staff with the tools to realize their vision of increasing library usage.

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New Knowledgebase Notifications Available

Don’t miss information affecting your management and discovery services! Keep your knowledgebase updated and streamline workflows by staying informed of and responding to knowledgebase changes through a new Client Center notifications page.

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Langston University to Streamline Library Management

“We wanted to streamline the process of organizing our digital resources. Rather than collecting data manually for each product, we also wanted to access the usage data for all those resources in a simple, user friendly interface” commented Bettye Black, Director of Library Services.

Consolidate and organize subscription data

Simplify and centralize key pieces of information to streamlining the entire e-resource management process. You can aggregate data for subscriptions, licenses, holdings, contacts, costs, trial notes, logins and more in a single interface.

Streamline acquisition and licensing workflows

Increase transparency and improve communication between members of your staff throughout the entire e-resource lifecycle. Built-in workflow tools make it easier to simplify and control the selection, acquisition, and renewal of resources.

Improve reporting and analysis

Support collection development and other projects through the use of reporting tools. Intuitive and easy, with a click of a button you can simplify collection analysis or download several sets of standardized reports to meet your needs.

Help make better collection decisions

Use in combination with our assessment service to accurately assess cost per use and maximize your e-serials investment. Integrating usage data with cost and collection data helps you assess if your subscriptions are meeting your needs.

Share or inherit resources and metadata

Deliver or receive critical consortia and group resource data to save time, decrease effort, and increase patron satisfaction. This ease of management demonstrates the value of the consortium, offers incentives to member libraries, and enables the centralized tracking of e-resources and associated data.

Enable rapid implementation and use of an ERM

Reduce the challenge of implementing an ERM with data population tools and training support. Move at your own pace, with upload tools help you populate subscription, cost, licensing details and our expert trainers help you along the way.

Data population tools

Take advantage of multiple options to get your data into the system in an efficient manner. You can take advantage of our cost and license upload tools, our Data Population Service, and our knowledgebase to streamline your implementation.

Centralization and organization tools

Consolidate and update subscription details in different areas of the system. You can manage and enter contacts of various types, resource notes, license details, terms of use, subscription metadata, and associate costs to collections.

Workflow tools

Leverage tools to better communicate and share information about your resources. You can customize the administrative interface, track subscription status, set alerts for renewals and status changes, and use a renewals feature.

Reporting and analysis tools

Generate and export reports for contacts, notes, subscription and cost data, licensing information, terms and conditions, administrative information, vendor statistics, perform overlap analysis and usage statistics, and resource renewals.

Account management capabilities

Provide access to your system to an unlimited number of staff members and authorize their priveliges within it, by limiting access to where they can view and edit data.

Consortial capabilities

Consortia and groups can push resources and data to members, who can inherit this information from with no setup or maintenance time. More content is available to patrons, and access and discovery tools are more effective.

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