27 February 2018 Blogs

Tip: Power Searching for Research Topics in the New eLibrary

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If you are reading this, you probably are aware that eLibrary has undergone a complete redesign that includes a graphical browse for Research Topics. But don't forget the search feature, which is now supported by a more powerful engine. Here is a quick tip to get the best of both worlds by using the search to get only Research Topic results. Let's say you need to do some research on Martin Luther King Jr. A simple search of his name will give you lots of great documents, including the MLK Research Topic right at the top followed by eLibrary documents of all types. But his reach was great, and we have many Research Topics which focus on his allies and his influence in the struggle for Civil Rights. The following search will get you only Research Topics that include some mention of Dr. King. (Bonus tip: Include quotes around a phrase to get narrower results that include the whole phrase.)
"martin luther king" PUB(research topics)
MLK RT PUB search results PUB is the search operator that allows you to narrow a search to a particular publication. For the PUB operator to work, you need to use parentheses around the publication title or part of a title. Make sure you don't put any spaces between the operator and the opening parenthesis. Keep an eye on this blog for more tips to help you and your students find all that eLibrary offers to make research easier!

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