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March Is Music in Our Schools Month

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While much emphasis is put on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in schools, STEAM, which adds the Arts back in is an integral part of a balanced curriculum. The arts can include a variety of subjects, and music is one that builds many skills like reading, writing, listening and math. Plus, learning how to play an instrument is an invaluable talent that nurtures creativity and can lead to even more opportunities later in life. March is Music in Our Schools Month with the theme "Music Inspires," so let's celebrate by highlighting the benefits of music education and sharing some music-related activities you can incorporate with your students. Why Music Education Matters

With student graduation and attendance rates being higher in schools that offer music programs, it's clear that music education matters. Not only are music programs helping students in school, but they are also a great way to make friends. The music room itself can become a haven for those who need a place to be themselves. I was in my school's music program playing clarinet in the symphonic and marching band and the experience is something I am so grateful for. Not only did music education help me get through middle and high school, it also taught me discipline and added to my appreciation for music. Music in Our Schools Activities Here are some activities to try for Music in Our Schools Month found on the National Association for Music Education website. More ideas can be found here.
  • Make a "Music Month" calendar, and suggest students dress for different musical eras. Play corresponding music as students arrive in the morning and at lunchtime.
  • Sponsor a poetry or poster contest supporting the current theme for Music in Our Schools Month.
  • Organize a talent show emphasizing music.
  • Ask students to draw their favorite musical instrument.
  • Have students create a music collage for the classroom using pictures of musicians and music cut from magazines.
  • Ask students to list the ways music is a part of their lives.
Readwritethink.org also offers a wonderful page of lesson plan activities for various grade levels here. More Information

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