28 February 2018 Blogs

Leading Issues in the News: School Shootings...Gun Control...Mental Health

Intro Copy

“We need to arm teachers and train them to respond to an active shooter on campus.”

“We need an assault weapons ban.”

“We need mandated active-shooter drills in all schools.”

“We need to secure our schools and hire armed guards.”

“We need to improve mental health services.”

“We need more metal detectors…tougher school discipline…more responsive law enforcement…

  There seems to be no end to the proposed solutions coming from all directions following the latest school shooting—the murder of 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. This horrifying tragedy—which occurred less than 20 miles from our editorial office here in Boca Raton—has not only stunned and saddened students from Stoneman Douglas, it has angered and enraged them. They have channeled that rage and anger into a movement for change and a call to action for local, state and federal officials. Students around the country are organizing rallies, protests, and marches urging lawmakers to make schools safe, to enact sensible gun laws, and to improve mental health services in this country. ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher has the resources your students need to better understand these issues with our School Shootings, Gun Control and Mental Health Leading Issues. Each Leading Issue includes a topic overview, essential question, viewpoints, supporting arguments, critical thinking prompts and a timeline that provides background history and context. Editors hand-select all the content, ensuring that student researchers find the most appropriate, relevant, and valuable information available. Every Leading Issue contains a highly-relevant results list—articles are updated daily—where students can gather supporting evidence. Learn more about ProQuest products for schools at http://www.proquest.com/libraries/schools/ Free trials are available.