16 February 2018 Blogs

Favorite Tweets from Educators

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As editors for ProQuest's Guided Research products, we are super thankful for the educators who post on Twitter displaying how they are using Guided Research products in their classrooms and school libraries! Thank you so much for sharing and providing us feedback so our educational tools can help students experience better research, better learning and better insights. Here are some recent highlights. Keep sharing! https://twitter.com/LMS_LMC/status/963815836791304192   https://twitter.com/booksandbytes/status/962066201856819202   https://twitter.com/WTESLibrary/status/963378560168812545   https://twitter.com/HWMS_Library/status/962080928179814401   https://twitter.com/maureen_olsen/status/962047577930674177   https://twitter.com/SousaWency/status/961008922608910337
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