02 March 2018 Blogs

CultureGrams: Favorite Tweets from Educators

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The CultureGrams editors are so grateful for the educators who post on Twitter displaying how students are using CultureGrams for their class projects! Thank you so much for sharing and providing feedback so we continue to be the leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information. Here are some recent highlights. Keep sharing! https://twitter.com/cyager5/status/964501410401472513   https://twitter.com/BevilleBobcat/status/966682628760985600   https://twitter.com/brendamhahn/status/966789923243282434 https://twitter.com/DawsonBry/status/968616006330466305   https://twitter.com/PVMSLibraryRI/status/968929194704064512 https://twitter.com/RavenLibrarian/status/968938973962915840   https://twitter.com/ywlalibrary/status/969223650435092482   Give us a follow on Twitter @CultureGrams to stay in touch with the latest happenings.

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