Want an insider’s look into what it’s like to work for one of the world’s leading education technology companies? We’ve got you covered. In our Extraordinary Employee series, ProQuest dives into the lives of our colleagues, asking them how they joined ProQuest, what they do, and what makes ProQuest such a unique and rewarding place to work.

Today, we interviewed Adam Rhodes, Regional Sales Director.

What do you do at ProQuest?
Currently, I am the Regional Sales Director for the Collections Specialist team covering EMEAI.

Why is the work you do so important to our customers?
Primary Sources are an integral part of ProQuest and have been for many years. The ability to raise demand and awareness of these products to our customers helps increase research and teaching objectives and raises their profile in the academic community. It’s always great to see universities recognize the worthiness of a product that we have partnered them with.

What’s your professional background – anything interesting or unique to share?
My degree was a mixture of computer programming and front-end web design with some AI, 3D modeling, and multi-media creation mixed in. In my final year of university, two friends and I set up our own graphic design agency, which is still going today although I have no input in the business anymore.

I also used to work with Iain Green prior to ProQuest when we worked for a company that was part of Barclays venture capitalists just prior to the credit crunch.

What motivated you to get into your current field?
The industry is forever moving forward with new products, software, and tools! It’s very challenging, demanding, and rewarding!

What brought you to ProQuest? What’s one thing that surprised you about working here?
You can blame Iain Green for letting me know about a vacancy for Account Manager for Northern England – the rest is history...

What do you like about working here – both the job itself and the rewards/benefits?
I love the culture and environment of ProQuest alongside working with some great people – both past and present. I am in my 3rd role now with ProQuest albeit my new role is 6 months in of which 3 to 4 months have been in lockdown. I like meeting and talking to customers, travelling, and seeing some very interesting library buildings and campuses!

What are your ultimate career aspirations?
I have been fortunate in ProQuest to have been rewarded for many successful years with a number of promotions/opportunities as well as achieving the Quest for Excellence three times. I would love to just continue working with a good team, having fun, and being able to continue with strong success.

What other fun and interesting things do you enjoy doing? Have you found anyone at ProQuest that shares your interest?
I am quite boring, to be honest. I love my football and I support Leeds United. Outside of football, I love music and regularly go to gigs, collect vinyl and CD’s, and I play guitar. I own 5 guitars currently – I’m a bit of a Fender man! – and love to spend time with the family and kids. My wild days are over!