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All schools, colleges and universities can temporarily access key components in Research Companion, a multimedia resource that helps students develop information literacy and critical-thinking skills.

ProQuest has made library databases and other educational resources available to universities and schools as they navigate the transition to distance learning. While having remote access to library content is essential for online programs, so is knowing how to properly use that content.

That’s why ProQuest is temporarily opening up access to key components of Research Companion, a resource that helps high school, college and undergraduate university students develop the crucial critical thinking and information literacy skills they need to do scholarly research. Schools who don’t currently subscribe to Research Companion can access video modules and assessment tools from the product at no cost through June 30 at this link.

Users will get access to 10 easy-to-navigate multimedia learning modules that answer questions such as How do I choose a topic? Where do I find information? and How do I evaluate sources? These modules include nearly 100 videos, assessment questions and other tools designed to walk users through the scholarly research process.

“Today's novice researchers are overwhelmed with too much information and data, and it’s even harder when they’re working remotely and don’t have someone to turn to for immediate help,” said Larry Wilkner, Product Manager Lead at ProQuest. “Research Companion guides students through common challenges and helps them overcome their frustrations. It also helps educators measure their students’ learning and identify gaps in their understanding.”

“We’re doing everything we can to help schools during these difficult times,” added Wilkner. “We hope that giving all institutions temporary access to Research Companion will help students build the skills they’ll need in the future.”

Get more information on Research Companion – or simply start using the product today.

More Resources for Distance Learning and Research

This is the latest in a series of programs ProQuest is building to help libraries support distance learning for their patrons and contribute to the crucial research needed to fight COVID-19. Other programs are detailed on the ProQuest website.

08 Apr 2020

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