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ProQuest’s newest product ranks 4.33 out of 5

By Alison Roth

ccAdvisor, a renowned source of reviews for information databases and digital resources maintained by ACRL Choice and the Charleston Advisor, has rated ProQuest One Academic 4.33 out of 5.

ProQuest One Academic, just launched in January, unifies more than 250 years of curated content across journals, ebooks, video, dissertations, newspapers and more, covering 175+ subjects, organizing it within a single experience to improve research outcomes and teaching workflows. It’s the world’s most comprehensive interdisciplinary destination for research, teaching and learning – already chosen by prominent institutions like Liverpool John Moores.

ccAdvisor evaluates library resources on several key factors, and in her review, librarian Amanda Kraft provides an in-depth writeup on ProQuest One Academic’s content, user interface, pricing, authentication options and more.

Kraft writes: 

“Essentially, ProQuest is offering a wide variety of source types used for academic research in a single, cross-searchable platform and continues to deliver the award-winning usability librarians and library users have come to expect.”

“…This product offers both substance and style. ProQuest is about as intuitive as it gets.”

For access to the full review, you’ll need a subscription to ccAdvisor, which you can request on their website at

Learn more about ProQuest One Academic:

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Alison Roth is the lead business blogger at ProQuest. A former journalist, she enjoys AP style, direct quotes and a good Oxford Comma debate. She was inspired to become a writer many years ago by Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry, and is still influenced by his style to this day. You can follow Alison on Instagram at @five_speed_

07 May 2019

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