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Redesigned Ebook Central book detail page boosts student productivity

Ebook Central was designed to simplify research and learning process for better outcomes. It’s a moving target as user expectations continually evolve. So, we partner with users to continually test ideas and shape improvements to match their needs. For example, our research showed that discovering and accessing exact ebook chapters or understanding how much can be copied, printed, or downloaded can be tricky. While new enhancements that address those issues were conceived by the Ebook Central product development team, we’re congratulating the students and other researchers who helped shape them.

What did they shape? An improved book detail page will help researchers find the exact content that is important to their research or classwork – quickly and more effectively. Below are the highlights of the redesigned book detail page. 

Detailed title information and availability at a glance

Quickly and easily locating, evaluating, and retrieving information about and from ebooks was emphasized as important by respondents in ProQuest’s 2016 Global Student & Research Ebook survey. With the improved book detail page, descriptive and bibliographic information is positioned front and center, and it includes the ability to “show more” so researchers can better evaluate whether or not the ebook fits their needs.

An availability overview displays whether or not the institution has access to the ebook, and how many pages remain for copying or PDF print/chapter download so there is no need for guessing.

Maximize access to part or chapter-level content

Feedback about the table of contents from researchers and students points to this tool as key for understanding more about the book; however, they also wish more actions could be taken directly from this area. When expanding subsections to learn more about the book, users can now see page counts for parts or chapters and read online or download DRM-free chapters directly from the table of contents. An added bonus, downloaded chapters include file names with both the book and chapter title for easier organization.

Get help when you need it

We all need a little help from time to time, and informative dialog boxes will now provide instructions on how to maximize access through the use of subsections. When PDF print/chapter download limits are exceeded, a link reading, “What can I do?” will appear. Clicking the link will explain the new subsection functionality, prompt users to read online, or inform them about copy, print, and download limits. Additionally, our simplified login process also helps remind researchers of the benefits of logging in.

Moving forward

With Ebook Central, we are committed to providing a simplified user experience and we plan to build on these improvements over time. Learn more about the changes by downloading our data sheet. If you have feedback or feature suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. 


05 Oct 2017

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