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We are ready for the New Model. But is it ready for us?

In this second post about the readiness of the new “web scale” collection management systems, I again offer up the opinion that the New Model for library collection management is not quite ready.

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08 Feb 2013 | Jane Burke

Serials Solutions Summon Discovery Service to Index French Open Access Works

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, continues its emphasis on indexing open access content from around the world in the Summon® discovery service.

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07 Feb 2013 | Jane Burke

New 360 Counter Pre-Filtered Accreditation Reports

Serials Solutions has developed 360 Counter pre-filtered accreditation reports to ease the workload associated with gathering statistics for annual reporting purposes.

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05 Feb 2013 | Ashley Bass

Serials Solutions Summon Service Slated to Index SciELO E-Book Titles

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, is working with Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) to index its e-book collection in the Summon® discovery service.

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31 Jan 2013 | Ashley Bass

ProQuest Honors Teaching Award Recipient

ProQuest is the proud sponsor of the Library Journal Teaching Award. The award recognizes excellence in educating the next generation of library staff.

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30 Jan 2013 | Ashley Bass

Meet Dr. Lilia Pavlovsky, Library Journal Teaching Award Winner

What is your professional background?

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25 Jan 2013 | Ashley Bass

Intota™ Assessment Available in 2013

Intota™ Assessment is a new library collection analytics service that provides book and serials analysis and consolidated usage.

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24 Jan 2013

Serials Solutions Introduces Summon Spotlighting

Summon Spotlighting is a new feature in the Summon discovery service.

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24 Jan 2013

Beyond the Sound Bite: Questions to Consider About the CR&L Article “Paths of Discovery”

Several libraries have asked us to address a pre-print of an article slated to be published in College & Research Libraries (C&RL) in July 2013 titled Paths of Discovery.

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23 Jan 2013 | Eddie Neuwirth

The Summon Discovery Service and Its Contribution to Information Literacy

As a product manager, I work with hundreds of libraries that have implemented the Summon service as their library’s digital front door.

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22 Jan 2013 | Eddie Neuwirth