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ProQuest Celebrates with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

How did ProQuest celebrate the launch of the digitized version of Queen Victoria's personal journals?

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17 Jul 2012 | Daniela Parmley

LibriVox Audiobooks Collection to be Indexed in the Summon® Service

Serials Solutions® has reached agreement to index the LibriVox collection of free audiobooks for discovery in the Summon® service.

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17 Jul 2012

Serials Solutions Introduces New Catalog Record Display and Consortia Catalog Support

Since the introduction of the Summon® discovery service three years ago, Serials Solutions® continues to rapidly release new functionality.

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21 Jun 2012

Key Note Agrees to Index in the Summon® Service 2000 Plus U.K. Market Intelligence Reports

Key Note provides intelligence on industries, markets and businesses in the U.K., for the benefit of U.K.-based businesses and the academic community. Under a new agreement, they will be discoverable through the Summon Service.

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20 Jun 2012

What Impact Has the Summon Service Had on Your Library?

We asked three librarians about the impact the Summon service is having in their libraries. Take a look at this video to find out what they are saying.

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14 Jun 2012

Find out how Multnomah County Library Got Rid of Their Spreadsheets and Post-it Notes

The Multnomah County Library wanted a better way to manage their ever-changing electronic resource information. Find out how Brandon Barnett, Electronic Resources Library was able to, “…get rid of the spreadsheets, the Post-It notes, all of the random little bizarre ad-hoc ways I used to remind myself of different things.”

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13 Jun 2012

Serials Solutions Helps Librarians Become More Efficient

New library management solutions’ features deliver improved workflows and optimized decision making.

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12 Jun 2012 | Scott Schuetze

Data Updates

The knowledgebase and Summon index continue to grow. Clients get the latest news about knowledge updates and database changes as well as newly added providers and databases in our Support Center.

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12 Jun 2012 | Susan Presley

Serials Solutions® Summon® Discovery Service Expand Chinese Language Content

Serials Solutions® announced an agreement with Beijing Apabi Technology Co. Ltd., (Apabi) to enable the discovery of its vast collection of Chinese e-book content in the Summon® web-scale discovery service.

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12 Jun 2012 | Susan Presley

Development Partners Now Testing Intota

Serials Solutions® announced today the first functionality of Intota™, a new web-scale management solution, is available to its library development partners.

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12 Jun 2012