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Explore Research and Funding Opportunities in Women’s Studies

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote:

Resources for students and researchers in this eclectic, evolving interdisciplinary field.

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22 Mar 2017

Perspectives on the Evolving Role of Women in Rwanda

Testimony from Valerie Nyirarudodo

Resources for better learning and research insights on gender equality in the decades following genocide.

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20 Mar 2017

Exposing Women’s Experiences during the Holocaust for Researchers

Women to Face Their Torturers at Nazi Trials, Los Angeles Times, Dec 1, 1946

Resources to learn from survivors, in their own words, about the horrors - and humanity - of Ravensbrück.

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16 Mar 2017

Researching Triggers of Change in the Women’s Movement

Socialist woman

Exploring resources curated to reflect the struggle of “creating a more humane world for all women to live in.”

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08 Mar 2017

Revealing Queen Victoria and the Consequences of Sex

Queen Victoria's Journal: February 10, 1840

Resources to explore marriage, childbirth and the conflicts of sexual desire in the Victorian era.

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07 Mar 2017

What Scholarly Journals Are Researchers Importing Most?

Medical professional using digital devices

Hint: Health and science are among the most popular disciplines for undergraduate and graduate studies.

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01 Mar 2017

Finding my Fit in the Library

Cindy Hohl

I believe that libraries transform and catapult learning experiences for everyone - ALA Spectrum Scholar Cindy Hohl.

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23 Feb 2017

Exploring a Dark Chapter in U.S. History: Japanese Internment

Baltimore's Sunday Sun Times magazine, February 7, 1942,

Unique resources for understanding the presidential force of law at the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066.

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21 Feb 2017

Jack Johnson: Prize Fighter in the Ring, and Against Racial Convention

Front page of the Boston Globe.

Primary sources recount Jim Crow-era hardships endured by boxing’s first African-American heavyweight champion.

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15 Feb 2017

The Legacy of Frederick Douglass in Poetry and Primary Sources

Exploring resources for insights on the life and enduring influence of escaped slave, abolitionist writer, orator and American hero on his birthday.

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14 Feb 2017