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Is a future Nobel Prize winner already in your library?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Carl Sagan. Avram Hershko -- Nobel Prize laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners that were once humble doctoral students.

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06 Apr 2017

Preparing Nurses for Clinical Practice: The Impact of Ebooks

Developing critical thinking skills to help nurses locate, assess, evaluate and apply information for evidence-based practice.

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05 Apr 2017

The Value of Video in Preparing Nurses for Evidence-Based Practice

Teaching vital skills to help nurses locate, assess, evaluate and apply information.

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05 Apr 2017

Leverage ProQuest’s Patron Analytics


Three unique ways to better understand your users.

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05 Apr 2017

Multimedia Resources to Honor the Multifaceted Career of Derek Walcott

Derek Walcott

Kick off National Poetry Month with a celebration of the life and work of the Caribbean Nobel Laureate.

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04 Apr 2017


olycarpe Du Fay’s La Béatification des premiers martyrs du Jappon (1628)

A short history of Christianity in 17th century Japan, inspired by Martin Scorsese's latest movie, Silence.

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31 Mar 2017

Dealing with the Loss of Internet Privacy

Looking through a crack in a wall

Once privacy controls are rolled back, Internet Service Providers will be able to sell information they capture about how you and your patrons use the Internet.

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30 Mar 2017

How the University of Nottingham Got More Bang for its Book Budget

Trent Building at the University of Nottingham

DDA allows users to browse a book before buying it, resolving the challenge of meeting student needs AND honoring the library’s strategic plans.

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29 Mar 2017

How History Remembers the First Female Doctor in the U.S.

Doctress in medicine.(1849, Feb 07). The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (1828-1851), 40, 25.

“None of us can know what we are capable of until we are tested.” ― Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

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28 Mar 2017

The Price to Purchase Your Own Freedom from Slavery

Samuel Johnson's petition to free his wife and daughter. ProQuest History Vault. Found in: Race, Slavery, and Free Blacks, Series I: Petitions to Southern Legislatures, 1777-1867

Resources to explore the limitations of freedom for “free” African-Americans before slavery was abolished.

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23 Mar 2017