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The Supreme Court Nomination Process…there’s a Dissertation for that!

Supreme Court of the United States

Examining the importance of the Supreme Court nomination process.

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24 Feb 2016

“Vacation & Recreation Without Humiliation”

Travel Guide

Blog post regarding summer fun from a historical perspective. A window into an entire alternative tourism infrastructure that once existed in the United States. Posted February 2, 2016.

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22 Feb 2016

Additional Content Indexed and Accessible in Summon

The Summon® unified index is valued for its depth and breadth of content and helps deliver a fundamentally unique discovery experience.

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17 Feb 2016

2015 Data Year in Review

A brief summary of 2015 updates across the Summon® index, Ulrich’s data, and our ebooks and e-journal knowledgebase.

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16 Feb 2016

Improve Resource Discovery with Summon and 360 Link Enhancements

New opportunities for enriching the user experience and improving resource discovery are available through the Summon® and 360 Link services.

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15 Feb 2016

What’s this I Hear about a New Knowledgebase? Part 2, An Information Ecosystem

Knowledgebase: Integrate, Enhance, Share

The second part of this blog series looks at how the new ProQuest knowledge-base sets the stage for improved discovery and management services.

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12 Feb 2016

How Research on Flight Led to Discoveries about Race Relations

Chicago Tribune, December 19, 1903

Blog post regarding serendipity in research. "What really struck me was the serendipitous discovery of an article on race relations when I was looking for Wright brothers material," says the author. Written by Stanley Bowling, Supervisor, Content Operations at ProQuest and posted on February 11, 2016.

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11 Feb 2016

‘Making a Murderer’ in the Media

The New York Times, Nov 17, 2005, p. A1

Blog post on the popular Netflix series 'Making a Murderer:' Is Steven Avery innocent? Newspapers, journals and dissertations could help you decide. Written by Beth McGough and posted February 10, 2016.

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10 Feb 2016

Fighting Discrimination and Segregation outside the South

Letter from Cincinnati NAACP branch leaders William Bowen and Lloyd Trotter to local residents of Cincinnati regarding the branch’s campaign against employment discrimination.

New scholarship has revealed vibrant civil rights movements in locations outside of the southern United States.

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09 Feb 2016

Where to Find the First Printed Books

Early European Books

ProQuest is partnering with St. Andrew’s University in Scotland to utilize the Universal Short Title Catalogue to enhance Early European Books.

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08 Feb 2016