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NE/Mid-Atlantic Serials Solutions User Group Meeting

Collection development, analytics and knowledgebase workflows surfaced as hot topics for discussion at the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Serials Solutions Users Group Meeting, held June 14 at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

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25 Jul 2012 | Eddie Neuwirth

Serving a Worldwide Community: Pam Cory, Serials Solutions VP, Marketing and Global Development

Pam’s goal for Serials Solutions is simple—support libraries around the world as they move toward discovery across the breadth of their collections and total library workflow management

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20 Jul 2012 | Daniela Parmley

A Good Cup of Joe and Wireless—This Library is Taking it Up a Notch

“If you’re doing serious research, then you need an academic website,” says Chris Dames, dean of libraries at the University of Missouri—St. Louis." Dames is bringing in Summon and also making sure that every inch of the library is wireless and adding a coffee service so students can study in caffeinated peace.

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20 Jul 2012 | Daniela Parmley

Just one thing about the Summon service…

What one thing would Stephen Parnell from the University of South Australia and Scott Garrison, formerly of Western Michigan University and currently at Ferris State University, share with libraries considering the Summon service? Hear it from their own lips in this video.

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19 Jul 2012

Data Update

Since June 6, 2012 our team has created over 17,000 new authority title records for e-books and added additional normalizers for over 306,000 e-book holdings.

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17 Jul 2012 | Susan Presley

ProQuest Celebrates with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

How did ProQuest celebrate the launch of the digitized version of Queen Victoria's personal journals?

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17 Jul 2012 | Daniela Parmley

LibriVox Audiobooks Collection to be Indexed in the Summon® Service

Serials Solutions® has reached agreement to index the LibriVox collection of free audiobooks for discovery in the Summon® service.

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17 Jul 2012

Serials Solutions Introduces New Catalog Record Display and Consortia Catalog Support

Since the introduction of the Summon® discovery service three years ago, Serials Solutions® continues to rapidly release new functionality.

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21 Jun 2012

Key Note Agrees to Index in the Summon® Service 2000 Plus U.K. Market Intelligence Reports

Key Note provides intelligence on industries, markets and businesses in the U.K., for the benefit of U.K.-based businesses and the academic community. Under a new agreement, they will be discoverable through the Summon Service.

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20 Jun 2012

What Impact Has the Summon Service Had on Your Library?

We asked three librarians about the impact the Summon service is having in their libraries. Take a look at this video to find out what they are saying.

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14 Jun 2012