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Princeton Case Study: Trends in COVID-19 News Coverage

In a new case study, Princeton University Researcher Gavin Cook explains how he used TDM Studio to analyze a dataset of 700,000 newspaper articles related to COVID-19 — and how he gained insights into the areas of greatest interest.

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10 Sep 2020

Funding, Rankings and Relationships: Research Challenges During COVID-19

A new industry report commissioned by Ex Libris uncovers the challenges – both new and recurring – faced by today’s researchers and research-office leaders.

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04 Sep 2020

WOC+Lib Amplifies the Voices of Black Library Workers

Discover a digital community forum dedicated to diversity and inclusion issues and initiatives in librarianship.

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03 Sep 2020

Editors’ Picks for Faculty: Content to Engage Students This Fall

The global battle for health policy, the facets of white supremacy, RBG…and more.

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02 Sep 2020

Women’s Voting Rights Turn 100; ProQuest Launches Open-Access Suffrage Collection

New Database Shows That Black Women Activists Were Central to Passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

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13 Aug 2020

“Go to ProQuest”: Becomes a New Starting Point for Research

Updating the ProQuest URL may seem like a small change – but for our users, it will have a big impact. Here’s why.

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04 Aug 2020

Human Rights and Social Justice Studies Are on the Rise

Do faculty and students have the resources to support teaching and learning in this emerging area?

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24 Jul 2020

Meeting Demand for E-resources at Berklee College of Music

With online databases, students and faculty “have access to more content than they think.”

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23 Jul 2020

How UNC Greensboro Is Making Streaming Video Accessible to All Learners

Audio-described video, captions and transcriptions are critical for students and faculty of all abilities.

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23 Jul 2020

Dr. Howard Rambsy on Black Authors, Jay-Z, and New Perspectives on Race

“It’s important for people to immerse themselves into a space where they’re discussing race and racism from others’ perspectives.”

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22 Jul 2020