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News Provides Unique Context & Insights Across the Curriculum

Newspapers; 72% of researchers use newspapers

Spanning topics in every subject, news resources are essential for all students and scholars.

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15 Aug 2017

The “Theatrical Navigator of American Myths”

Buried Child

Multimedia resources to explore the life and works of Renaissance Man Sam Shepard.

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03 Aug 2017

Canadian Throat Singer Gives a Voice to Inuit Culture

Tanya Tagaq in concert, Festival Barroquísimo, Puebla. Zócalo de Puebla, 2010

Tanya Tagaq delivers aboriginal music with rock swagger, drawing attention to issues impacting Indigenous people.

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01 Aug 2017

Dissertations...Empowering Researchers with Cutting-edge Ideas & Insight

Researcher with laptop; 73% of researchers use dissertations and theses

Dissertations often provide the only information on a particular topic, and surface primary research unavailable in other formats.

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20 Jul 2017

A Journey in Song: Nelson Mandela, Reggae and Rumba

Nelson Mandela

Multimedia resources open up new avenues of exploration into a human rights hero’s life and legacy.

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18 Jul 2017

RESOLVED - ProQuest platforms are currently experiencing connectivity issues


Resolved - ProQuest is experiencing connectivity issues across a range of our products and across multiple ProQuest platforms.

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17 Jul 2017

Making the Statistical Abstract Relevant for Modern Users

Table on obesity rates

Discover America’s favorite reference, updated to include content and online functionality demanded by librarians.

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12 Jul 2017

Challenging Assumptions with Testimony

Griffin Williams

Griffin Williams is challenging assumptions held by some of the most famous names in Holocaust scholarship.

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11 Jul 2017

Simplifying Workflows Can Extend Librarians’ Reach

University of Greenwich

CASE STUDY - How ProQuest OASIS partners with University of Greenwich to offer world-class library services to researchers.

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06 Jul 2017

Exploring the Marketing and Unanticipated Consequences of the Iraq War

U.S. Army soldiers run towards a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

1000s of declassified documents from the National Security Archive illuminate the symbiotic relationship between policy and promotion.

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05 Jul 2017