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New opportunities for enriching the user experience and improving resource discovery are available through the Summon® and 360 Link services. Recent improvements now available can play a significant role in strengthening the library’s role within the research process by connecting researchers to valuable library resources and delivering more research guidance.

Below are highlights of just some of the more significant developments across these two leading ProQuest discovery services.

Recent Summon® enhancements

ProQuest continues to improve resource discovery at libraries through the Summon® service. Recent enhancements increase the value of the library by enriching the end user experience with new integrations, improved results handling, and an enhanced system architecture.

> Summon-Altmetric Integration: Enable researchers to explore the online shares, comments and discussion relating to individual research outputs with a single click by displaying Altmetric badges that highlight the broader impacts and popularity of articles included in Summon result sets.

> Summon-SIPX Integration: Make education better and more affordable, for students and your school, by making it easy for instructors to discover and assign any readings they want to use in traditional and online classes.

> Summon-RefWorks Integration: Streamline and simplify end-to-end research workflow with the integration of the new RefWorks. Make it easier for users to conduct research, save reference citations, share content and collaborate with colleagues, and export and cite. 

> Relevance Algorithm Improvements: Discover how much quicker and easier it is for researchers to find the best information possible through exploratory, topical, and known-item searches through our latest search relevancy enhancements. 

> System Enhancements: Experience increased performance for system uptime (consistently 100%), page load speeds, and quality control.

Recent 360 Link enhancements

ProQuest recognizes the importance of the link resolver by introducing the most dramatic and meaningful improvements to be delivered for link resolvers in more than a decade. The latest set of improvements redefine the link resolver category by delivering  better access to content, providing a superior user experience and providing libraries with more opportunities to help researchers at the point of need.

>Index Enhanced Direct Linking: Provide verified and unmediated one-click access to full-text content from more than 370 providers, representing greater than 4,000 databases, and covering more than half a billion journal articles and content types. 

>Sidebar Helper Frame and New Results Pages: Make linking more intuitive, while gaining higher visibility in the researcher’s workflow and helping users at the point of need when leveraging IEDL linking or when going to the link resolver results page. 

>Altmetric and Ulrichsweb Integrations: Enrich your sidebar helper frame and new results pages with integrated Altmetric and Ulrichs data and enable links to both resources. 

>Configurable Custom Links and Public Notes: Create an unlimited number of custom links to help guide users to resources or publish public notes to provide important resource information on either the sidebar helper frame or new results pages.

For more information about these new developments, or a demonstration of either Summon or 360 Link, please contact us
15 Feb 2016

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