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The Summon® unified index is valued for its depth and breadth of content and helps deliver a fundamentally unique discovery experience. This breadth and depth spans across more than 90 different content types, which goes beyond simply e-journal articles to include ebooks, films and videos, newspaper articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, libguides and more.

The index helps fulfill one of our primary goals at ProQuest, which is to provide a rich spectrum of scholarly content, to facilitate discovery for students, researchers, faculty and librarians. Recent content additions to the Summon index reflect the varied content types that are discoverable within Summon and include the following:

- BookCube
- Cognitive Sciences ePrint Archive
- Duke University Press
- The European Library
- Knovel (2009)
- Palgrave Macmillan (2009)
- Sabinet SA e-Publications
- SAE International - Technical Papers
- SAGE Video
- Toyo Keizai – Journals

We will continue to enhance our index from a content and reporting standpoint throughout 2016. Look for more exciting news to come as the index continues to meet users’ needs and deliver more value to libraries. 

Do you work in the library and want to increase the use of your library’s entire collection? Are you a content provider and want your content indexed in Summon? Simply contact our content relations team, and we’d be happy to talk to you about how Summon can make your content more accessible, add to our index, and improve the discovery experience for researchers. 
17 Feb 2016

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