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Looking to offer their students the best research experience possible, Warren Wilson College selected the Summon service® from ProQuest. Designed to boost discovery and information literacy, the addition of the service will ensure access to the content available at their library. Providing the easiest search experience with the most relevant results, Summon helps to reinforce the library’s pivotal role in meaningful research at Warren Wilson College.

“Warren Wilson selected Summon because we believe that the search and retrieval algorithms are the best of all of the discovery systems that we reviewed,” said David Bradshaw, Electronic Resources Librarian. “ProQuest offered a real-life trial using Summon with much of our own data, which assured us that the product would work for our collections.”

The Summon service delivers the highly relevant and unbiased results that researchers deserve. The matching and merging of records across vendors and publishers provides the basis for superior relevancy and prevents results from skewing towards any provider or vendor. The result is a rich research experience that increases resource usage, strengthens the library’s role in the research process, and meets user expectations. 

With the Summon service, Warren Wilson will provide unique ways for their students to connect with librarians, showcasing the value of their library. “Ultimately, we asked our students and they preferred the more modern, clean look of Summon over other discovery systems,” continued Bradshaw. “We are confident in our decision knowing that Summon is a proven product.” 

Want to provide your patrons with the best research experience possible? Contact us for a demo of the Summon discovery service.

07 Jul 2015

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