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As a true library services platform, Intota is being rolled out in phases. We made the decision that we would first deploy the services that the library does not have in their traditional ILS rather than requiring a big initial migration. This approach provides the library with the two most identified needs– assessment and e-resource management.  

You will recall that back in June 2014, ProQuest released what we are now calling “Intota v1," which has been a remarkable success. In addition to our development and beta partners, more than 35 libraries have committed to Intota v1.

What is Intota v1?
The initial release of Intota includes a completely new implementation of e-resource management as well as automated workflows and a bundle of services on the library services platform:
•    Summon
•    360 Link
•    Assessment
•    E-resource management

How does this impact other services from ProQuest?

With the integration of Summon and 360 Link into Intota v1, there are new capabilities from the e-resource management functions to Summon and 360 Link. The biggest of these is the DDA automation, which automatically activates e-book records in Summon directly from the Knowledgebase. This eliminates MARC record “round tripping," making DDA titles available to users more quickly. 360 Link is the same platform but has recently been enhanced with a new user interface option (the Sidebar) and the addition of Index Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL), which was originally only available in Summon. Summon 2.0 remains the same with the addition of the new integration routines.

The integration of Intota Assessment (which was released in late 2013) into Intota v1 has been critical, with data being passed between e-resource management and assessment. Intota Assessment includes all of the capabilities of 360 Counter, as well as extensive assessment of print resources. Customers of the 360 series are still able to use those services as individual point solutions. However, libraries choosing to move to Intota v1 will not have to “reimplement,” because we have created programs to move all of their existing data seamlessly to the new services.

A number of customers have completed implementation and are utilizing all of the elements integrated into v1 (discovery, linking, assessment and ERM). Many of these customers are continuing to use their existing ILS and a good portion have already committed to Intota v2, which is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

I hope to see you next week at the ALA Midwinter Conference, where ProQuest is hosting a breakfast and I will be sharing a view into current and upcoming functionality being developed for the release of Intota v2. If you’re eager to hear about our progress and how current library challenges are shaping the future of Intota, start your conference day with me and learn how Intota can help transform your library.

Register to attend here:

20 Jan 2015

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