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Not earthquakes, not fires, not even the murder of one of its owners (by a minister!) could stop the independent and often irreverent presses of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Founded by two teenage brothers in 1865, when the West was still wild, the pages of this newspaper document the completion of the transcontinental railroad, the Klondike gold rush, the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906, America’s entry into World War I, and many other events that shaped both the City by the Bay and the United States.

During its first five decades, the San Francisco Chronicle presented issues from a young, Northwestern perspective, giving researchers a window through which to study westward expansion, Chinese immigration, machine politics, urban planning, war, public policy, and more.

ProQuest is proud to help you illuminate history for your users while preserving this historic newspaper for future generations. The San Francisco Chronicle, like all digitized titles within the ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ program, lets researchers:

• Browse complete issues, cover to cover.
• Study the progression of issues over time through comprehensive archives of historical newspapers.
• Cross-search topics and compare coverage and perspectives across all ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
• Search for information by keyword, more than 20 article types (front page, editorial cartoon, classified ad, etc.), dates and date ranges, author, and more.
• View not only news articles, but also photos, advertisements, marriage announcements, obituaries, political cartoons, and more, for added context.
• Print, download, and share articles and images in PDF format.

Click here to learn more about the San Francisco Chronicle. Or, look through the title list of many other ProQuest Historical Newspapers, and read about how other libraries have used this vital research tool.

[Image: The front page of the first issue of the San Francisco Chronicle. Citation: Masthead 1 -- no title. (1865, Jan 16). The Daily Dramatic Chronicle (1865-1868)].

20 Jan 2015

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