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Bowker®, a ProQuest affiliate, has teamed-up with Digi-Rights® to offer easy access to copyright registration protection on

CopyrightsNowis a mobile app that provides authors and publishers with instant access to copyright registration to protect their work. Availability of this ready tool on makes it easy for authors to register copyrights when they purchase their ISBNs.  

Offering important value to authors and publishers, CopyrightsNow™ simplifies the application for U.S. copyright protection for authors and publishers.

The mobile app:
•  Eliminates the need to complete lengthy forms
•  Eliminates complex procedures  
•  Enables authors to manage their copyright application from their iPhone, iPad and Android device in just minutes with the speed and security of a cloud service.

This innovative app uses the Digi-Rights® company technology to process licensing transactions by leading publishers through the Digi-EXPress® Rights Management System… a patented suite of cloud-based software technologies and ‘best-practices’ that deliver automated rights assessments, rights clearance, permissions acquisition and licensing.  

Frankfurt Book Fair attendees have the opportunity to receive a live demonstration of CopyrightsNow™ at the Frankfurt Book Fair happening October 14th through the 18th.

For more information on the mobile copyright app that protects authors and publishers, read the full news release.
14 Oct 2015

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