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By Léia Leal
Field Marketing,
Latin America & Caribbean

The Inaugural Latin America Academic Advisory Board meeting took place in November in Belo Horizonte, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. A way of providing a collaborative forum and connection point for librarians and ProQuest leadership, the one-day event covered library budgets and trends, researcher needs, as well as content priorities and discovery. Participants were involved in discussions and interaction, and had the opportunity to network, share experiences, and learn.

The mission of the ProQuest Advisory Boards is to forge an ongoing, collaborative and open partnership with key library customers in order to help set and validate ProQuest’s strategic direction. The objectives include gaining a better understanding of the trends, drivers, and priorities shaping the academic library community in the region; reviewing and exploring product developments/enhancements; and acquiring feedback that influences and validates ProQuest’s strategic direction.

Advisory Board members are recognized as visionaries and opinion leaders. Members are chosen from different countries throughout the region and are asked to speak not only to the needs of their specific organization, but to the customers they represent.  To be selected for the Board, individuals must be experienced and highly respected in the field, articulate about issues and needs, and must be willing to commit to future participation.

Being an Advisory Board member is an opportunity to shape the next generation of tools and services for the library community, influence acquisition decisions, develop new products and services at ProQuest, gain advanced knowledge of ProQuest future plans, and share best practices among board members.

We thank the librarians/members who very kindly accepted our invitation to this event, as it was very productive. We hope to repeat it in 2015.

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06 Jan 2015

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