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Arizona State University (ASU) and ProQuest SIPX share similar goals of improving education and making it more affordable and attainable.

“ASU continues to invest in technologies that advance the future of higher education. Our goal is to continue preparing students for success and deliver a great university experience,” adds Adrian Sannier, Chief Academic Technology Officer for ASU Online. “By expanding access to our library, we are providing the tools needed regardless of our students’ physical location.”

The largest public university in the U.S. with over 90,000 students, Arizona State University will integrate the SIPX Central service into the campus’ Blackboard learning management system.

SIPX Central is a scalable, self-service configuration with unique, sophisticated, yet user-friendly technology offering benefits across campus:
    • Enables anyone at the school to set up course readings.
    • Reduces the cost of course materials for students.
    • Simplifies sharing of course readings between instructors and students.

To learn more on how SIPX Central helps get more library resources and open access content into the hands of instructors, read the full news release.

21 Oct 2015

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