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Does your library create and share video online?

Social video is a hot topic in the social media world. Sharing videos on social media has become a top way to reach and engage followers (comScore and Shareablee). Today, new forms of video, including Facebook video, streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope, Instagram videos, and Vine, are gaining popularity and taking the focus away from YouTube.

Here are 3 ways libraries can utilize social video:

1.    Post every video to Facebook, directly
Don’t abandon your YouTube channel, but post the same videos to Facebook, rather than linking to YouTube videos in Facebook posts. Facebook is favoring natively posted videos over links to videos in the news feed. More people will see your video if you post it directly to Facebook.

2.    Check out streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope
Meerkat emerged at SXSW in March creating excitement around live, streaming video. Twitter recently released its own app, Periscope, for live streaming. Only time will tell if the streaming video craze will take hold, but be an early adopter and try streaming video at your library. These apps are available on iOS so all you need is an iPhone to get started.

3.    Try short form video with Instagram and Vine
Fifteen-second Instagram videos and seven-second Vine videos will bring out your creativity. Instagram and Vine videos are popular among teens and young adults (Pew). If you serve teens consider incorporating Instagram videos and Vine into your media mix. Like the streaming apps, all you need is a smart phone to get started.

Video is an opportunity to be creative and have fun. The new apps make it easy to experiment with different forms of video without the need for expensive equipment. Just pull out a phone!

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05 May 2015

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