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The new Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports Archive, which has launched this week, provides researchers with access to impartial and reliable global economic information. The resource covers around 200 countries, and is the only available online source of the EIU’s quarterly reports from 1952–1995.

Provided in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU Country Reports Archive allows simple keyword searching as well as advanced search options and browsing by region and country. Every quarterly report features several statistical tables, which have all been captured individually and made available to download in spreadsheet format.

Available through the ProQuest platform, EIU Country Reports Archive delivers in-depth reports and statistics which provide researchers with the ability to gain understanding of political and economic developments around the world during the second half of the twentieth century. For example, a researcher looking at oil shocks in the 1970s can find a wealth of information about the policies adopted by the OPEC countries and their local and international impact, including statistics on production and imports of crude petroleum and other country-level data on economic performance.

Over 8,000 reports are available at launch, and digitization will be complete early in 2015, making over 15,000 reports available to researchers around the globe.

An example of how a researcher has used the reports can be found here.

Image from: Parson, E. (2001). The 1970s: 1970-1070: Feeling the energy crunch. EC & M, 100(6), 80.

09 Dec 2014

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