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5 Things We’re Reading This Week: 01/13/2020
13 Jan 2020

5 Things We’re Reading This Week: 1/13/2020

A roundup of surprising, insightful and interesting stories from the Internet

By Courtney Suciu

  1. We love stories about libraries changing the lives of their patrons. Here is a letter of gratitude that demonstrates how the smallest interactions with a librarian can have a profound effect on a young person’s future.
  2. When they are done well, movies can be an informative and entertaining introduction to people, places and events of the past. One historian recently listed his top history-based films of the 2010s. Do you agree with the list?
  3. Find out about the essential role of comic books and graphic novels in developing reading skills and for literary studies. Hint: as the article points out, “not all literacy is textual, or even grounded in language.”
  4. Traditional Indigenous songs contain a wealth of cultural and ecological knowledge. Learn why our era of climate and social change has fueled efforts by activists and researchers to protect these oral artifacts.
  5. In this blog, an American Civil War researcher explains how primary sources, including newspapers, written correspondence, government documents and diaries, inspire unique, “richly-detailed” historical information and insights.

*Image: The Civil War. U.S. Military telegraph construction corps hanging a telegraph wire. Timothy O'Sullivan, photographer, April 1864


Courtney Suciu is ProQuest’s lead blog writer. Her loves include libraries, literacy and researching extraordinary stories related to the arts and humanities. She has a Master’s Degree in English literature and a background in teaching, journalism and marketing. Follow her @QuirkySuciu

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