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5 Things We’re Reading This Week: 12/12/2019
12 Dec 2019

5 Things We’re Reading This Week: 12/12/2019

A roundup of surprising, insightful and interesting stories from the Internet

By Courtney Suciu

  1. Melbourne’s State Library Victoria is both Australia’s oldest and newest library. Discover how this stunning institution, originally built in 1856, has been renovated – and reinvented – to serve as a vibrant, welcoming community hub and cultural center.
  2. Doomsayers have long predicted the death of books. However, a look at the last decade reveals that readers are alive and well and ravenous for more stories (of course we are!). We’re just consuming them in different ways.
  3. A new film version of Little Women is rekindling our love of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel for young readers. But, as this scholar points out, there is a multitude of lesser-known children’s classics by such writers as Langston Hughes, Sui Sin Far and Zitkála-Šá that are worth adding to our reading lists as well.
  4. This midterm season, you might be wondering how you can improve your memory. Or maybe you forgot improving your memory was among your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions (oops!). Don’t worry – these techniques can help you become a “memory master.”
  5. Space technology, research and exploration are predicted to become increasingly more important to the survival of our species and society. Learn how interdisciplinary studies can inspire and prepare students for careers in such emerging fields as space-related health, law and policy, and communication.

*Public domain image of Zitkála-Šá, Yankton Dakota Sioux writer, musician, educator and activist (1876-1938).


Courtney Suciu is ProQuest’s lead blog writer. Her loves include libraries, literacy and researching extraordinary stories related to the arts and humanities. She has a Master’s Degree in English literature and a background in teaching, journalism and marketing. Follow her @QuirkySuciu

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