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11 Things We’re Reading This Week: 11/18/2019
18 Nov 2019

11 Things We’re Reading This Week: 11/18/2019

A roundup of surprising, insightful and interesting stories from the Internet

By Courtney Suciu

  1. Archeologists are discovering a trove of illuminating artifacts – everything from ancient seeds to scraps of clothing and trinkets – somewhere most of us would never think to look: in the nests of rats! Read more.
  2. Take a look at this vibrant collection of antique Russian art prints, or lubki, including colorful illustrations of magical beasts, religious scenes and lots of cats, dating back to the 18th century.
  3. Learn about the latest endeavor of Tony Award–winning composer, singer, actor, playwright, and producer, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hint: he’s leading an initiative to digitize the collections of four Puerto Rican art museums, making them more available around the globe.
  4. We love “best-of” lists for recommendations or to compare our own favorites. Here’s a collection of 18th century poems “everyone should read.” Which favorite works would you add?
  5. The ‘60s rock ‘n roll counterculture inspired beautifully far-out concert posters that reveal various influences throughout the decade. Explore the psychedelic works of London’s short-lived design duo known as Hapshash and the Coloured Coat.
  6. Activist and artist Paul Robeson’s childhood home is now a museum honoring the life and accomplishments of the multi-talented renaissance man who was the son of a former slave. Learn more.
  7. Can we interrogate history as a dataset to help us predict and improve the future? Find out why some scientists and mathematicians think so.
  8. Finland boasts the world’s highest literacy rate and has a national commitment to lifelong learning. Take a look at the stunning Oodi library, located in Helsinki, a prominent symbol of these values.
  9. College librarians talk about challenges of – and share solutions for – developing a library to support online students. Read tips about designing digital courses, promoting resources and teaching students how to navigate them.
  10. Do you want to read more international writers but don’t know where to start? Meet one of the most hailed contemporary writers from Latin American, Isabel Allende, best known for her debut novel, House of Spirits.
  11. Attention foodies: might this be the latest culinary trend? Researchers have been testing recipes they found inscribed on ancient Babylonian tablets, some dating back to 1730 B.C.


Courtney Suciu is ProQuest’s lead blog writer. Her loves include libraries, literacy and researching extraordinary stories related to the arts and humanities. She has a Master’s Degree in English literature and a background in teaching, journalism and marketing. Follow her @QuirkySuciu

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