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Will Engineering Our DNA Create a Better Future?

A new documentary examines CRISPR from all angles – including science, health and ethics

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04 Dec 2020

How to Uncover Diverse Voices for Research and Teaching

African American studies professor Marcia Chatelain shares strategies for discovering overlooked perspectives in primary source archives

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06 Nov 2020

Where Education, Activism and Global Health Care Meet

Through research, teaching and fighting infectious disease, Partners In Health shows us how to change the world

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14 Oct 2020

How Will COVID-19 Change the World?

Renowned financial commentator and author of The World in 2020, Hamish McRae speculates on the economic future

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27 Sep 2020

7 Ways to Disrupt the Normative Narrative in American History

How to confront hard history according to Prof. Hasan Kwame Jeffries, author of Bloody Lowndes: Civil Rights and Black Power in Alabama's Black Belt

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25 Sep 2020

How Do We Talk to Students About Racism?

Teaching students the hard history of slavery and race relations in the U.S. to better understand the present and prepare for the future

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09 Sep 2020

The Significance of McGirt v. Oklahoma and Native American Rights

Uncover the history behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent landmark decision

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14 Aug 2020

Remembering James Hatch, Archivist of Black Theater

How a unique partnership created extraordinary research and learning opportunities in Black studies

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17 Apr 2020

Using Art in Research and Learning for Women’s History

How fine arts can support intersectional studies in the history of U.S. social movements

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06 Mar 2020