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If you’ve never seen the TLC show “Who Do You Think You Are?”, the premise is this: celebrities explore their family trees. In each episode, a star takes a globe-spanning journey of self-discovery to uncover the mysteries of his or her ancestral history. Their familial stories in turn shed light on events in American and world history.

Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to discover some of the same surprising elements in your background. With Ancestry Library Edition, powered by Ancestry and distributed by ProQuest, you could find lots of unexpected facts about your family!  

ProQuest is proud to have digitized important Ancestry documentation, including primary source materials like ships’ manifests, census records, and birth and death certificates, which all reveal specific places and times of events in these amateur genealogists’ family histories.  Click here to learn more about ProQuest’s partnership.

Catch Season 5 Today!

The newest season, which began in July, ranges from Quebec, Italy, and the United Kingdom, to Alaska, Missouri, and New Mexico. A quick summary and links to Season 5 episodes are below:

Episode 1 – Cynthia Nixon digs into her father’s unknown lineage and discovers the strength in her female ancestors. Click here for the full episode.

Episode 2 – Jesse Tyler Ferguson retraces his great-grandfather’s misadventures on the Alaskan Trail in the late 1890s. Click here for the full episode.

Episode 3 – Rachel and Kayleen McAdams learn more about their 5x great-grandfather, a British loyalist in the American Revolution. Click here for the full episode.

Episode 4 – Valerie Bertinelli explores her mother’s history and that side of the family. Click here for the recap.

"Who Do You Think You Are?", season five, continues next Wednesday (August 20) at 9 p.m. ET, with Kelsey Grammer. Follow the hashtag #wdytya on Twitter, or explore the show’s website

[Image above: The show's logo plays on the idea of the family tree and uses the standard marks of a lineage document. Copyright 2010-2014, Shed Media US, and Is or Isn't Entertainment.]

15 Aug 2014

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