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For thirty years, ProQuest has been the leading provider of renowned abstracting and indexing resources, giving arts scholars searchable access to a global summary of published work in fine art, design, architecture, music, and more. 

It’s easy for researchers to find a breakthrough, a new angle, or something new to inspire original research with the cross-search capabilities we provide. Also featured is key research in international publications that are not traditionally subscribed to by libraries. High-quality manual indexing and abstracting in our resources means researchers don’t miss vital information, and authoritative curation provides reliable material for citing and sharing.

Librarians will find our arts resources an excellent value for the money, as the interdisciplinary materials can be used by many students and scholars. With our ever-expanding coverage, research needs across the arts spectrum are met – sculpture, graphic design, fashion, arts education, and much more.

Film: Film researchers can now access seven new full-text journal titles, plus 11,000 new index records in FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals, including newly indexed journals such as Moving Image Review & Art Journal and Jewish Film & New Media, an international journal focusing on aspects of Jewish film, TV and new media. Over 2,000 new film records have been added to the American Film Institute Catalog, as well as almost 2,000 expanded ‘stub’ records, which now include detailed cast and crew listings, full plot synopses, thorough production notes, and extensive lists of contemporary press articles about the film.

Art: 13 new titles have been indexed in ARTbibliographies Modern and 14 new titles added to the Design and Applied Arts Index, such as the Journal of Illustration, an international journal encouraging critical academic scrutiny of illustration. International Bibliography of Art expanded to cover another 90 titles with a focus on non-Western arts, highlights include Baltic Journal of Art History, Nukta Art, a contemporary art magazine of Pakistan,  and Korean Art Society Journal, the only English-language periodical in the world on Korean art.

Music: Within the International Index to Music Periodicals, we have added 13 full text titles over the past two years, as well as over 50 new indexed titles. Examples of the full text titles include NME, a weekly music journalism magazine largely associated with rock, alternative and indie music, and Front of House.

Performing Arts: We have added over 50 new indexed titles to the International Index to Performing Arts, plus seven full-text titles, such as Min Su Qu Yi: Journal of Chinese Ritual and Journal of Performing Arts Leadership in Higher Education, a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the enrichment of leadership in the performing arts in higher education.

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29 Sep 2014

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