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The research value of ProQuest Newsstand deepens even further with continuous updates to the service. In the last 18 months, users gained access to research content from an additional 100+ titles, including leading newspapers from the Middle East and Latin America.

Newly added to your ProQuest Newsstand subscription:

Blogs and online content, including The Washington Post blogs, offer contemporary research material for insights beyond traditional news.

More non-English language content, including papers in Czech, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages such as CTK Czech-Language News Service, Al - Ahram Hebdo,  Perú Económic, and  Semana Económica — all ideal for regional studies.

Key international titles add material to areas of expanding research interest such as the Middle East and China. Titles including Kuwait TimesGulf Times, Beijing Review, and China Daily allow for comparative studies of events and reporting in the region.

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02 Oct 2014

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