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Did you know that more than 20% of video content and related medial in current academic collections is uncataloged? This is according to a survey by Deg Farrelly, Media Librarian at Arizona State University, and Jane Hutchinson, Associate Director, Instruction Research Technology at William Patterson University.

When video content is not treated like other forms of media, this valuable source of information can lay in the library's collection undiscovered and unused - a shame when most researchers clamor for video content over other types of media.

ProQuest’s goal is to assist academic libraries in transitioning their video content - from whatever form - to digital, to make it easily accessible and utilized by their researchers. So we developed the new ProQuest Video Preservation and Discovery Service, which works in five stages to save important and unique video content for institutions, and make that content easily discoverable.

Click play on the video below to hear more about the survey and this new product:

To learn more, watch an overview video, read a case study, and see the Slideshare of the survey from ALA Annual.

27 Aug 2014

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