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Saint Peter’s University will soon meet the research needs and expectations of its library users with an integrated suite of ProQuest discovery services – the Summon® discovery service, the 360 Link link resolver and Syndetic Solutions™. The addition of these services at Saint Peter’s library will ensure that its users can search across their collection to reliably access content, offering their researchers the most compelling discovery experience.

One primary motivation for selecting these services is the intuitive and modern search experience it provides. With a simple starting point for users to search the whole library collection at once – print, electronic and all formats in between - the Summon service is easy to use and enables libraries to increase usage of library content. Integrated with the Summon service, 360 Link provides superior access to content through the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date knowledgebase available to ensure the university’s library users are connected to its valuable resources.  Further enhancing the discovery experience at Saint Peter’s University, Syndetic Solutions delivers the highest quality professional enrichments to content, improving a title’s relevancy for readers and researchers and brings the library to life.

“We are looking forward to the user-friendly interface of Summon. We are hoping that the ability to easily enter keywords in the search box and efficiently receive relevant information will help our patrons and in turn, they will use the library databases more,” comments AnnMarie Ziadie, assistant librarian at Saint Peter’s University.

Equally important to the librarians at Saint Peter’s University is the ability for their students to have the opportunity to discover all the university’s rich content, including their institutional repositories.  By indexing the library’s content alongside publisher content, the Summon service provides seamless integration of content and discovery across the library’s collections without bias to content type, vendor or platform – exposing the vast array of library resources through its search results.
AnnMarie Ziadie continues, “We expect that implementing Summon at our library will increase usage for our other databases and are eager to utilize the discipline-specific search boxes as we anticipate that they will be a great asset for us.”

Further building confidence that the library is their partner in research, both novice and experienced users will have streamlined access to information allowing them to perform meaningful research. With the addition of these discovery services working in concert with each other, Saint Peter’s University is strengthening the library’s pivotal role in the research process.

Take a closer look at Syndetic Solutions, 360 Link, and the Summon discovery service.

30 Sep 2014

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