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Day-to-day library collection management activities for academic librarians using ProQuest Intota™ now benefit from a new workflow feature called My Intota.

My Intota provides an “Activities” and “Databases” workspace that includes tasks, deadlines and associated action steps—with multiple filtering capabilities and access to more detail relevant to the specific task—all within an easy-to-navigate single interface.

Get more details on how workflow is simplified in this quick view of My Intota.

“My Intota really streamlines our workflow by providing easy access to frequently used tools for the day-to-day management of e-resources. Viewing all renewals by month and the renewal checklist are two examples that are very impactful in our everyday workflow,” said Ashley Zmau, e-resources librarian, University of Texas at Arlington. “With everything we need in one place, the number of steps involved is reduced significantly. With so many filtering capabilities at our fingertips, our overall workflow process has become so much more efficient.”

To read the rest of the press release, click here.

To request more information about My Intota for your organization, click here.


12 Nov 2014

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