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Michigan Technological University’s Graduate School offers a variety of PhD, Masters’, and Graduate Certificate programs. The main focus is STEM programs, with particular emphasis on engineering. However, given the school’s location near to forests and lakes, it also has a good reputation for its environmental programs, including a business program: Applied Natural Resource Economics.

The current student enrollment is 1,359, but plans are in place to increase this to 3,000 by 2035. With such ambitious growth plans, one of the biggest challenges the school is facing is how it can improve systems and processes to help it cope with a much greater number of students.

“As you can imagine, with the number of systems and processes we have, this is a little daunting!” admitted Debra Charlesworth, Assistant Dean. “On the admissions side, we are going online with processes for submitting applications and will continue to focus on this and automating other processes over the next two years.”

Part of this work included launching a new personalized website for students called “MyMichiganTech” which links to the school’s administrative database – BANNER – and tracks application status and other information the school holds on their students. “Banner is used by a lot of US institutions, and linking it to MyMichiganTech gives students a checklist of items they need to complete their applications and shows them their application status. Our goal is to make things easier for our students – and for ourselves – across the board, so we’re exploring automation of other areas too including submission of forms, and allowing students to track their degree completion milestones on MyMichiganTech.”

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25 Feb 2014

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