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October is Family History Month, so it's a great time to add to or begin researching a family tree.

This increasingly popular hobby has been given a boost from the sheer volume of resources now available to find ancestors. Millions of pages of historical census data, military records, newspapers, and birth and death records are accessible online and easily searched.

Information powerhouses like ProQuest conduct major scanning and digitization projects which are also the source of the online tools that guide users in filling out the branches of their family trees.

Learn more about online genealogy resources here.

But where to find those resources?

“The public library is the genealogist’s best friend,” says William Forsyth, the genealogy expert overseeing ProQuest’s expansive line of digital family history resources. “They have loads of specialty resources and great advice on how to use them.”

For tips on how to get started tracing your ancestry, click here.


01 Oct 2014

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