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If you’re at IDPF today, you’re in luck! BEA and IDPF touch on the trends, technology and the tried-and-true in panels/discussions/topics like these:

-- The Emerging Standard for Education Publishing
-- Are we moving fast enough?
-- The Future of Standards for Digital Publishing
-- Moving Beyond the PDF

Don't miss this Bowker presentation this morning, either!

Understanding New Developments in Metadata
Event: BEA Conference
Presenter: Laura Dawson, Product Manager Bowker Identifier Services
When: Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Time: 9:30-10:20
Where: Room 1E16

And, as a bonus, BISG 2014: Making Information Pay begins tomorrow! The focus this year is on subscriptions and their influence. Check out some of these topics/presentations:

-- The New Subscription Economy
-- Subscription Services
-- What Can We Learn from Usage Data?
-- How Subscription Affects the Form and Value of Content
-- Publisher-Platform Partnerships in the Subscription Space

As an exhibitor and sponsor, Bowker will have a large presence on the BEA show floor, in the Digital Zone. We hope you will attend some of our presentations, stop by the booth to pull up some literature on our new e-doc station, or sit down with one of our reps to chat about what’s new. We’ll also be Tweeting just about constantly, so keep an eye on us via our handle, @Bowker.

28 May 2014

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