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ProQuest® is excited to announce that the functionality of both Fiction Connection and Non-Fiction Connection can now be found in Books In Print®, which means you no longer need separate URLs to obtain these lists.

As you know, Fiction Connection and Non-Fiction Connection have been separate complimentary search options for all new and ongoing Books In Print subscriptions. These user-friendly resources have assisted your library users in finding recommendations based on books they have read, authors they like, and topics that interest them.  

Apart from the convenience of no longer having to sign in to another website, there are many benefits to combining this functionality within Books In Print, including:

-- Character Search – Allowing users to search for a character from their favorite books and view all titles the character appears in.
-- Find Similar – Providing users suggested similar titles in Books In Print, based on their search criteria, without having to search through Fiction Connection.
-- Browse – Enabling users to find books based on authors, genres, or topics that interest them. Every query will return suggested titles, eliminating dead-end searches.
-- Tag Cloud – Offering users suggested terms related to their initial search, based on tagged words from the actual record.

Check out the visual how-to guide to see what the new result functionality looks like in Books In Print.
The current URLs for Fiction Connection  and Non-Fiction Connection will be rerouted to Books In Print by June 20.

If you have any questions about this change, please visit

13 Jun 2014

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