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Librarians frequently utilize reviews of books, serials and other research materials to determine what to include in their collections. Essential to research at all levels, new open access and niche serials titles are often missed by librarians because these types of titles are not included in trusted sources.

Magazines for Libraries™ Update closes this gap with online in-depth reviews by Cheryl LaGuardia, a research librarian at Harvard University. These timely and informative serials reviews appealing to all library types are available for free from ProQuest.

Visit Magazines for Libraries Update for authoritative serials reviews.

As editor and primary reviewer for the Update, LaGuardia is a well-known advocate for librarians as stewards and curators of information that furthers knowledge and research. Recognizing there is an increasing number of open access titles that do merit the attention of librarians and the researchers they serve, LaGuardia will focus on these titles.

Additionally, to increase awareness of resources that are not typically on the “core” list of recommended resources for a library, but superbly address key issues and challenges in a particular subject area, niche” titles will be another area of focus.

To read more about this new resource, click here.

02 Oct 2014

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