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With Ebola in the news daily, if not hourly, there is a lot of information and mis-information about this disease floating around. Panic is sending more people to the emergency rooms in the U.S., while in Africa, the numbers of those sick and dying continue to grow.

Questions come up as new situations arise, such as:

>> Should we keep folks from flying into the U.S. if they’ve been in a hot zone?
>> Should we allow patients with Ebola to be evacuated to the U.S.?
>> What are the risks you have if you are in contact with someone who had Ebola?
>> What about if they weren’t symptomatic at the time of your contact?
>> Do we want to isolate the U.S. from contact?  What are the consequences if we do?
>> Can we quarantine those exposed to the disease?

ProQuest databases are a great place to look for reliable, vetted information about this disease, and about our response to it. 

ProQuest Congressional contains a lot of information about the public debate, with facts and figures in Statistical Insight, to CRS reports detailing the health effects and to statements from members of Congress, and the economic impact the Ebola is having in its hot zone.

Of course, the ProQuest medical databases also address the treatment procedures and keeping health workers safe.

Check out our Ebola 2014 bibliography for links to publications in ProQuest Congressional and Statistical Insight.


24 Oct 2014

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