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With current enrollment at Universidad de los Andes of 12,500 undergraduate students, 2,500 students in master degree programs, and an additional 300 in PhD programs, the task of finding research funding continues to increase.

Managing a staff of nearly 600 full-time teachers and 30 research managers, Andrea Navas Calixto, Research and Doctorates Manager at Universidad de los Andes, has been challenged to meet the need of researchers looking to secure funding.

"When I first joined Los Andes in 2010, much of the funding application process was managed manually by mailing in applications for grants and funding. We had a research database but it was mostly underutilized," Andrea admits. "Our research, PhD students and Doctorate Programs have increased in the last six years, so we were interested in enhancing and diversifying our research funds. With Pivot, we started to implement a new culture at the campus of finding resources for research for Los Andes faculty and PhD students."

Andrea promotes using the Pivot database and academic networks for research funding, in addition to implementing strategies to seek funding for research and advising researchers in project management.

12 May 2014

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